Learning and Work respond to Resolution Foundation report

3 March 2016

Responding to The Resolution Foundation’s important and authoritative new report, The Road to Full Employment, which details what full employment should look like and how to achieve it, Stephen Evans, Deputy Chief Executive at Learning and Work Institute said:

“The Resolution Foundation have calculated that achieving full employment would mean an employment rate of 78 per cent by 2020, which means 2.4 million more people in work than today.

“The impact of worrying global economic instability is probably the biggest risk to not achieving this ambitious target, as there have so far been impressive increases in employment post-recession.

“The role of learning, and apprenticeships in particular, in helping people into good jobs is well articulated in today’s report and I’m particularly pleased that The Resolution Foundation endorse our call for a small proportion of the new Apprenticeship Levy to be spent to promote high quality and extend access.

“Full employment also needs urgent action to support the 9 million adults who lack functional literacy, numeracy or both. Our Citizens’ Curriculum, which builds a programme of study for the core capabilities needed for life and work, is a great example of how to do this. We would like to see the soon-to-be-devolved Adult Education Budget focused on this approach.

“Finally, as well as the learning and skills system, there are much needed reforms to employment support services that will help more people into better jobs. At the moment we only measure whether people come off out-of-work benefits. Learning and Work strongly believes that getting jobs and progressing are much better measures of success for these services.”