Learning and Work Institute leading learner focus in skills reform programme

1 February 2016

Learning and Work Institute are calling on employers, practitioners, learners and sector bodies to help shape national standards for adult literacy and numeracy.

Building on the findings of Making English and Maths Work for All, the Education and Training Foundation has commissioned Pye Tait Consulting, in partnership with the Learning and Work Institute, to lead the consultation for the Functional Skills Reform Programme.

Learning and Work Institute, who are leading the learner-focus aspect of the consultation, will give post-16 learners the opportunity to highlight the English and maths skills that are important to them and tell policy-makers what they would like to get out of Functional Skills qualifications.  They will also provide a number of opportunities for employers, practitioners and sector bodies to get involved with the consultation through online surveys, telephone interviews, webinars and workshops.  Those wishing to take part will need to register their interest with  Pye Tait (http://www.pyetait.com/fsreform).

Alex Stevenson, Head of English, Maths and ESOL at Learning and Work, said:

“One of the key outcomes of the consultation will be a revised set of National Standards for adult literacy and numeracy, so it’s vital that as many employers, providers, practitioners and other subject specialists take up the various opportunities to get involved. 

“At Learning and Work, we’re delighted to be working on ensuring that the perspective of learners across the full range of the sector is reflected in the new Standards and the consultation’s recommendations to the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills”

If your learners would like their voice to be heard as part of this consultation you can register your interest through the Pye Tait microsite, or you can find out more about the programme from Alex Stevenson, Head of English, Maths and ESOL at the Learning and Work Institute at alex.stevenson@learningandwork.org.uk.

Further details of planned consultation activity can be found at the Pye Tait microsite or on Twitter using the #fsreform hashtag..