Tell us about inclusive apprenticeships

28 January 2016

The government has made a commitment to deliver three million apprenticeships by 2020. As numbers increase, it is vital access is widened so that no one who is able to undertake an apprenticeship is prevented from doing so.

In 2014/15, just 10.6% of those starting an Apprenticeship came from a Black, Asian or Minority Ethnic (BAME) background – a significant under-representation compared to the general working age population. However, figures show that the proportion of BAME applicants is around 18%, meaning that BAME applicants are nearly half as likely to be successful in their applications as White applicants. In response to this challenge, the Prime Minister has made a commitment to increase the proportion of apprentices from BAME backgrounds by 20% during this Parliament.

Learning and Work Institute (formerly NIACE) and the Behavioural Insights Team have been commissioned by the Skills Funding Agency to trial approaches to increase the proportion of successful apprenticeship applicants from BAME backgrounds. Alongside this project, we are also working to extend our ‘Inclusive Apprenticeships’ programme, which provided a toolkit to support employers to recruit more disabled apprentices. We’re now looking for best practice in recruiting and supporting women, young people, BAME and disabled apprentices – so if you’re doing something great, please get in touch!

In order to identify potential effective interventions, we are conducting a series of interviews with learning providers, employers and apprentices.  Would you be willing to take part in a telephone interview to add your insight to this research? 

If you are willing to take part please contact , 0116 204 7076 or 07919 325 843 to discuss a preferred date or time before 5th February.