Welcome to the Learning and Work Institute

11 January 2016

Welcome to Learning and Work Institute. We’re a new organisation built on the solid foundations of NIACE and Inclusion, two organisations with longstanding success and impact.  

Learning and Work Institute will operate across the learning, skills and employment arenas. We have an ambitious vision for a society in which everyone has the support and the opportunities they need throughout life to be able to realise their ambitions and talents. 

That vision is about active citizens playing a full role in vibrant, healthy, prosperous, safe and tolerant communities. It includes the ambition of full employment and higher productivity with people supported to progress at work and in their careers. It requires higher and more equal achievement in all sorts of learning and education and it will result in greater equality and social justice.

So, our ambition is clear and so, I hope, is our energy to try to achieve it. We will continue the work of NIACE and Inclusion to research what works, influence policy, develop new ways of thinking and help implement new approaches. Beyond that we will inspire people to learn and transform people’s experiences of learning and employment. 

We know that we need to work with a wide range of partners, so your support is critical. With partners we can build the understanding, collate the evidence, share the expertise all of which are crucial in making the impact we want to make. At the same time we will be independent and evidence-based in all that we do, not afraid to confront things which are not working well.

I am excited about our prospects and I look forward to working with you.

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