New measures to increase childcare options across the country have been announced by the Minister for Education and Childcare

7 January 2016

The Education and Childcare Minister Elizabeth Truss has announced that hardworking parents stand to save money in a new measure to increase childcare options across the country. The number of childminders has almost halved over the last 20 years, and these new plans aim to cut the red tape burden from childminders who look after children in their homes. Childminders will also be given support, training and advice so that they can deliver a high-quality service for parents.

Recently released figures show that the cost to parents of after-school care provided by childminders had fallen for the first time in 12 years – from £72.79 to £64.75, potentially saving parents up to £420 per year. The government accept that more needs to be done however; and so have frozen the fees childminders pay to Ofsted for the fifth year in a row, keeping them at a low £35 per year. Childminder agencies are also being introduced to boost the number of people joining the profession.

Further information is available here.