Resource database for Human Rights and Equality Impact Assessments of Public Spending Cuts

4 November 2015

The Centre for Human Rights in Practice at the University of Warwick have pulled together a database which contains useful resources for organisations, groups and individuals with interest in human rights and/or equality impact of public spending cuts in the UK.

The database includes relevant resources that will assist organisations, groups and individuals who wish to complete Equality and/or Human Rights Impact Assessments of the public spending cuts or use human rights or equality legislation to challenge public spending cuts. It contains examples of previous impact assessments, toolkits, guides and sources of information that are of benefit in carrying out these impact assessments, including links to all of Inclusion’s reports on welfare reform.

It also comprises a comprehensive list of legal challenges to public spending cuts on human rights and equality grounds and guides to using human rights and equality legislation to challenge public spending cuts.

The Centre for Human Rights in Practice has undertaken considerable amount of work in the field of Equality Impact Assessments as well as published several Equality Impact Assessments of their own, focusing on assessing the impact that public spending cuts are having on different groups of women in Coventry.

Click here for more information and links to the database