New report on devolution and the reform of public services

4 November 2015

The Institute for Government have released a new report today that criticizes the success of public services in meeting the needs of citizens. It reveals how the plight of access to local services, such as health, social care, education and employment services remains frustrating following the prime minister’s recent pledge to prioritise public service reform, and give local areas more power.

The ‘Joining Up Public Services Around Local, Citizen Needs’ report, published by the Institute for Government, looks at the various challenges successive governments have faced in the attempt to reform the local delivery of public services, and discusses the risks involved if the Spending Review is not carried out properly.

Jo Casebourne, project director of the Institute for Government and co-author of the report, said:

“The Chancellor’s ‘devolution revolution’ will give more power to local government, but our research shows it will not be a panacea. That’s not to say devolution is the wrong policy, but that it requires new ways of working at all levels of government – local, central and front-line. This paper provides a starting point for thinking about how to effectively partner at the local level so this reform agenda meets the needs of citizens.”

Public service reform can be achieved if the right building blocks are in place, and the report offers insights on how to overcome some of the barriers that have got in the way of previous reform agendas.

The report also offers great insight on how public service reform can be achieved and how to overcome some of the barriers that have prevented previous reform agendas.

The Institute for Government affirms that they will continue to seek ways to improve public services and meet the needs of local people which will take into account the provision of practical support and challenge local partners to work together on the ground, and find effective ways to share ideas and best practice.

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