AELP Press Release

29 September 2015

New resources will be launched today at the Apprenticeship and Traineeship Staff Support Programme (ASSP/TSSP) Dissemination Conference – ‘Developing Staff to Achieve the Best Outcome for Learners’.

A four series podcast centred on Apprenticeship reforms and a new e-guide will also be introduced today to support training providers and colleges in delivering apprenticeships. This will include advice on the new apprenticeship standards.

Staff across the Further Education and Skills sector will partner with employers, government officials and other key stakeholders to find out more about all of today’s presentations at the final and sold-out Apprenticeship Staff Support Programme (ASSP) and Traineeship Staff Support Programme (TSSP) Dissemination conference held in central Birmingham.

The conference workshops will showcase the resources produced and provide an opportunity to engage with the teams who deliver the consultancy service as well as manage the two online communities established for providers who want to share their knowledge on apprenticeships and traineeships. During the workshops, delegates will be able to explore issues with the providers who produced the new materials and learn from their experiences.

Paul Warner, AELP’s Director or Employment and Skills and Chair of the ASSP Steering Group, said:

“The two Staff Support Programmes have been highly successful in identifying, focusing down on and addressing the most pressing practitioner needs in the delivery of both traineeships and apprenticeships. The fact that the resources have been both developed and disseminated by the sector itself has meant that they have direct relevance and credibility for training providers of all types, all over the country. Alongside our strategic partners, we have been very proud to have been managing both the ASSP and TSSP and working alongside the Education and Training Foundation in helping to raise the capacity and professionalism of training providers even higher.”

Keynote speakers at the conference include AELP CEO Stewart Segal and Jennifer Coupland from the BIS Joint Apprenticeship Unit, whose presentations will help to further understand the wider policy context in which Apprenticeship and Traineeship staff are working. Members of the Employers Panel will respond to the input from the speakers and will give their views on the implications for provider staff of the Apprenticeship reforms and the introduction of the Traineeship programme.

Jenny Williams, Director of Vocational Education and Training at the Education and Training Foundation, said:

“We are delighted that the ASSP has engaged over 6,000 staff in the sector over the last 18 months. We wanted to support apprenticeship practitioners to engage with employers and prepare to deliver the new trailblazer standards. I urge apprenticeship providers to check out the resources now available – they have all been designed with teachers and trainers to help staff get to grips with the apprenticeship reforms.”

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