Evaluation of DWP and DfH policy pilots supporting claimants with mental health conditions

22 September 2015

Following a Government commissioned report, RAND Europe recommended the Government pilot a number of support interventions in order to improve the employment and health support available for those with common mental health conditions within the UK. 

The Psychological Wellbeing and Work Feasibility pilots, which were jointly commissioned by the DWP and the Department for Health, included two separate strands; the ‘Telephone Support’ pilot and the ‘Group Work’ pilot. The ‘TS’ pilot used a combined service of telephone-based psychological and employment related support, whilst the ‘GW’ pilot consisted of a group-based intervention, based on the JOBS II model developed by the University of Michigan in the US.

Each pilot was evaluated in order to examine the most effective design mode l and delivery for the either intervention. In both cases, approximately only 50% of those referred went on to engage with the support . The results for these individuals depict positive improvements in both their health and wellbeing. Furthermore, the evaluation suggests a number of areas to develop in order to improve the success of the pilots. These include, improvements to the method by which clients are assessed for support and how the support is promoted and delivered.

Findings from the research on the latest pilots will be used to contribute to the design of intervention and delivery model for the larger scale impact trials which are due to start in 2016.