Islington Council take High Court action over cuts to Local Welfare Provision Fund

3 August 2015

Islington Council, a disabled man in Cheshire and charity Child Poverty Action Group have teamed up to take High Court action against the Government over its decision to withdraw vital support for vulnerable people in genuine need.

The Council is providing expert evidence in a judicial review of the decision by the Department for Communities and Local Government and the Department for Work and Pensions to axe the Local Welfare Provision Fund, totalling £174m nationally, from April 2015.

The Council’s written testimony states that cutting this lifeline will have a seriously damaging effect on its poorest residents, whom the fund is there to help.

Islington’s £1.2m share of the fund goes into the borough’s £3.1m Resident Support Scheme, relied upon by thousands of Islington families in serious hardship. Recipients of support include women fleeing domestic violence, homeless people, pregnant mothers, care leavers, pensioners struggling to maintain their independence and people suffering from chronic physical and mental health problems.

The scheme helps pay for everyday essentials such as beds, fridges and cookers which those in crisis cannot afford, accompanied by longer-term support such as training and advice to help people out of poverty and into work.

The government cut threatens the future of the scheme.

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