Latest Skills Survey echoes NIACE concerns

13 July 2015

Responding to the publication today of Inspiring Growth, the Education and Skills Survey from CBI/Pearson, David Hughes, Chief Executive of NIACE, said:


“This report re-emphasises the continual and growing concerns that several organisations have stressed about the impact of skills on productivity and inclusive economic growth. We identified an Adult Skills Crisis last year; this report from the CBI and Pearson clearly highlights how the crisis is now an emergency.


“The focus on young people and qualifications by successive Governments is evidently not enough. We must find new ways to support the existing workforce. Far too many people still need support to improve their basic and digital skills, including those out of work to help them find pathways into sustainable careers. Local solutions linking jobs, growth, productivity with support, skills, employment are absolutely essential, not just for the Northern Powerhouse but across the country. Apprenticeships will play a significant role in averting the emergency in skills. But they are not the only answer. People need support to achieve lower level skills, then their confidence will increase, inspiring them to invest more in their own skills training and go on to achieve higher levels skills. Basic skills will help improve productivity as much as higher level specialist skills.”