New OU figures show MPs concerned over 41% drop in part-time HE study

23 June 2015

NIACE is joining MPs and researchers from across the political spectrum at an event at the Houses of Parliament today launching new figures from The Open University, showing that 73% of MPs are concerned by the 41% drop in the number of students in part-time Higher Education.

Tom Stannard, NIACE Deputy Chief Executive, said:

“Both funding and policy changes over recent years have led to a significant drop in the number of people studying part-time, with almost 200,000 fewer students studying part-time in England last year compared to 2009/10. Yet our working population is getting older and the demands of our economy require retraining and up-skilling, so now is the time for a new deal on part time study.

“Part-time students are often those returning to learning later in life; those with a desire to learn, to progress at work and to be an example to their children. We should be encouraging more people to study part-time throughout their lives.

“NIACE supports the OU’s research and the near-three-quarters of MPs who are concerned about this issue, and looks forward to working with them to reverse the decline in part-time learning.”