David Cameron speech: I’ll end welfare merry-go-round

23 June 2015

David Cameron has promised an end to what he called the “ridiculous merry-go-round” of taxing low earners then handing them money back in benefits. The prime minister said it was wrong to treat “the symptoms of the social and economic problems we face” while “ignoring the causes” of low pay. He argued the UK should be a “lower tax, lower welfare society”.

It comes amid a debate over plans for £12bn in welfare cuts, the details of which have not been revealed. The government says the welfare bill has to take its fair share of cuts as part of its plan to balance the books and eliminate the £90bn deficit by 2017-8.
With ministers having pledged to protect pensioner benefits and child benefit, BBC assistant political editor Norman Smith said Mr Cameron’s speech was a “pretty clear steer” that much of the £12bn would come from tax credits and housing benefit.
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