Employers should offer flexible working options when hiring, says new research

9 June 2015

Major new research has revealed that just 6.2 per cent of ‘quality’ job vacancies in the UK mention flexible working options. It warns that the lack of transparency in job adverts is leaving 14.1 million UK works, who want flexibility to fit with their lives, locked out of chances to progress. The research has been conducted by flexibility experts Timewise with Inclusion as a research partner.

Despite technology advances and significant changes in how and where people work, ‘only a handful’ of new jobs coming to the market offer both decent salaries and the opportunity to work flexibly, according to analysis of 3.5 million UK job vacancies.

Timewise chief executive Karen Mattison and co-author of the report said:

“Businesses are missing out, as they consistently fail to realise just how important flexibility is to people looking for a new role. This often results in the best talent having to trade down, and take jobs way beneath their level of skill and ability.”

The research has been featured in the Guardian and Telegraph. You can read the report in full here.