Policies to simply shift people with poor health into work are likely to be ineffective, says Joseph Rowntree Foundation

7 June 2015

People who class themselves as having poor health are far less likely to remain in work than those with good health. However, there has been very little research about the transitions people with poor health make between different employment states over time. According to a new report by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, those reporting poor health are less likely to move from economic inactivity to activity, and more likely to make the reverse transition.
The report:

  • reveals that government policies designed to simply shift people with poor health from unemployment into work are likely to be ineffective;
  • follows the same group of people over time, to build a three-dimensional picture of the link between health and movement in and out of work over time, and;
  • finds that qualifications can mitigate the impact of poor health but they cannot overcome them altogether.

Read the report here.