Festival of Learning announced amidst news of cuts to adult education funding

28 April 2015

The Association of Colleges announced last month that adult education could cease to exist by 2020 if government cuts continue. David Grailley, Chief Executive of NCFE has commented this week on the state of the sector.

In a recent blog, Grailley states that ‘there are strong concerns within the sector that ongoing cuts could spell the end of courses that upskill thousands of employees and adults seeking work.’

In the face of increasing cuts Grailley emphasises the need to offer adult learners choice and variety, ‘enabling people of all ages to fulfil their potential and progress in their lives to higher education or employment’.

In order to demonstrate the importance of adult learning and the breadth of learning that adults are interested in, NIACE have announced their upcoming Festival of Learning which aims to bring together different events and learning activities taking place over the summer.

The Festival of Learning has the dual aim of encouraging adults to take part in different learning activities, as well as communicating the importance of adult learning to policy makers. Ian Bond of NIACE blogs that the festival hopes to ‘highlight the need to continue to fund learning opportunities for adults, particularly targeting the most vulnerable in society.’