New programme launched to help low paid workers in London

20 April 2015

Walcot Foundation and Trust for London have this week launched Step Up, a programme to fund pilot interventions which support low paid London residents to progress in work.

Step Up aims to tackle the growing issues of low pay and poverty in the capital and have announced the availability of an £80,000 grant to do this over two years.

The programme aims to increase the hourly rate of Londoners, who are paid under the London Living wage, by more than 10 per cent. It also aims to support Londoners in moving into permanent contracts and improving their levels of responsibility in work.

The programme draws upon research by Inclusion which states that: “Earnings have fallen, by 8.5% in real terms since 2009. Living standards among middle and low income families have stagnated. Working poverty is increasing – with a majority of poor people now in working households. Job insecurity is up, with more than two million people in involuntary temporary or part-time work (a figure which has doubled since 2006).”

Inclusion have been closely involved with the programme’s design and will be supporting successful projects to develop their proposals. A key aim of the programme is to test and learn from new approaches.

The deadline for grant applications is 1 June, click here for more details.