Manifesto for ending racial inequalities in Britain, launched by BTEG

16 April 2015

The Black Training and Enterprise Group (BTEG), a national charity that helps young ethnic minority people to succeed in education, employment and entrepreneurship, has published it’s Campaign for a fairer Britain – A Manifesto For Ending Racial Inequality In Britain.

The manifesto urges all political parties to make Britain fairer and wants the next Government to implement 17 practical actions covering education, the labour market, enterprise and criminal justice.

Key actions include:

  • Require Ofsted to take a more robust approach to evaluating whether schools meet the requirements of the Equality Act 2010 and the needs of ethnic minority pupils
  • Set equality targets for apprenticeships. At least 15% of all new apprentices should be ethnic minority.
  • Require banks to publish information about successful and unsuccessful applications for business finance, by ethnicity
  • Move away from a system of commission frameworks and supply chains and towards resourcing community engagement and partnership working in prisons.

Jeremy Crook OBE, Director of BTEG, says:

“Tackling young unemployment should be a priority for the next Government but all too often the additional barriers faced by young ethnic minority people are overlooked. Unemployment rates are far higher for all ethnic minority groups than for the white British population and only 10% of apprentices in the UK are from ethnic minority backgrounds. We have to do more to stop the flow of young ethnic minority people entering the criminal justice system.’ It’s very easy to forget fairness and race equality when spending cuts are being made to public expenditure. We have to ensure that this is not the case in the future.”
Read the manifesto here.