Youth Employment Summit 2015 – Press Release

15 April 2015

22 April 2015
London Escalator | Innovation Loft | 69-89 Mile End Rd | London E1 4TT
What is the future for youth employment?
The Youth Employment Summit aims to put young people at the heart of the general election.


Recent figures from the House of Commons Library have suggested that youth unemployment has seen a small quarterly fall, with 743,000 16 – 24 year olds unemployed in January 2015. Around 67 percent of unemployed young people are not in full-time education, raising concerns amongst politicians, charities and campaign groups about future policy to support young people.

Recent Inclusion analysis found that ‘the proportion of unemployed young people (not counting students) are not claiming Jobseeker’s Allowance or receiving official help with their job search, is now at 60.3 percent – which is a rise by nearly 30 percentage points since October 2012.’
Inclusion and AELP have joined forces to create this forum to explore, examine and debate future policy aimed at improving the youth labour market and ending long-term youth unemployment – currently affecting 202,000 young people who have been unemployed for over 12 months.

With the General Election looming, political parties are making their pitch to get the votes of those who are yet to make up their minds – the swayable voters; the “undecided” and those who may not currently be planning to vote at all.

Despite improvements since the recession, the jobs market remains tough for young people … and it has gotten tougher since last summer.

The Summit

Young panellists
Our special Youth Panel for the Summit will assess the proposals pitched to them by a variety of organisations. The panel is made up of young people from all walks of life assembled to represent a cross section of young people who have experienced youth employment programmes or can speak on behalf of those that have. The panellists will analyse and challenge the manifestos put forward to them.

Young politicians and other contributors
Young politicians from the Conservative, Labour, Liberal Democrat and Green parties have been invited to pitch their manifesto offers to young people.
All plenary sessions will look at the facts and failures and organisations such ThinkForward/Impetus-pef, BTEG, NIACE, Tomorrows People, Catch 22, NACUE, YEUK, AELP and the Princes Trust will make policy recommendations to improve youth labour market for all young people.

Showcase sessions 
Showcases will enable you to meet organisations working with young people and experience the best practices in the field focusing on tackling and supporting young people into employment.