What is the future for young people who are excluded from the labour market?

7 April 2015

Recent figures from the House of Commons Library have suggested that youth unemployment has seen a small quarterly fall, with 743,000 16 – 24 year olds unemployed in January 2015. Around 67 percent of unemployed young people are not in full-time education, raising concerns amongst politicians, charities and campaign groups about future policy to support young people.

Recent Inclusion analysis found that ‘The proportion of unemployed young people (not counting students) who are not claiming Jobseeker’s Allowance and therefore are not receiving official help with their job search is now 60.3 percent and has risen by nearly 30 percentage points since October 2012.’ It remains unproven as to what has caused this rise, but the new JSA sanctions regime has been suggested as a possible deterrent for young people.

Inclusion and AELP are creating a forum in which to explore, examine and debate future policy aimed at increasing youth employment and ending long-term youth unemployment which currently affects 202,000 young people who have been unemployed for over 12 months.

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