Study shows that more women face low paid and insecure jobs

11 March 2015

Labour market news this week has revealed that though the number of women in employment has risen to almost 14 million, over half are in temporary jobs or subject to zero hour contracts.

The Independent reports on the TUC’s latest study, which shows that average wages amongst women are down 6 per cent. The study also shows that women who work part-time earn 38 per cent less per hour than their male colleagues.
There has been a surge in self-employment amongst women which has risen by around 400,000. Around two thirds of self employed women work in the cleaning, childminding and hairdressing sectors which Jonathan Owen writing for The Independent suggests constitutes a ‘bleak reality’ for Britain’s working women.

Frances O’Grady, The TUC’s general secretary, commented to The Independent that ‘Across the age spectrum, women are facing real hardships. Many starting their careers cannot find enough hours to get by and an increasing number are having to postpone retirement because they cannot afford to stop working.’