Latest figures reveal ‘shocking’ increase in youth unemployment amongst people from black, Asian and minority ethnic backgrounds

10 March 2015

An analysis of official figures has shown that unemployment amongst 16 to 24 year olds from BAME groups has risen by 50 per cent. The same figures reveal that unemployment amongst young white people has fallen by 2 per cent, a statistic that has been described by Labour’s shadow justice secretary as a ‘complete disgrace’.

The Conservatives have responded to the criticism that they have abandoned an already marginalised group of young people, by drawing on ONS figures which show that the total number of people from BAME backgrounds are ‘at a near-record high of more than 3 million’, reports The Guardian.

Responding to the recent figures on BAME unemployment, Simon Woolley from Operation Black Vote said that young people from BAME communities face a ‘race penalty’. He added that ‘It is absolutely critical that political parties have a plan to address this shocking statistic because at the moment it seems as though a generation of young black men – and it is often men and sometimes women – are being cast aside and it is to the detriment of us all’.

Sadiq Khan asks ‘How can we tackle issues around lack of BAME people in the judiciary, civil service or the boardroom if they can’t even get a job as a young person? We are stopping a generation fulfilling their potential and that is not just a problem for them as individuals or their wider families, it is a problem for all of us’.