Lords’ Report Endorses NIACE Call For Digital As “Third Basic Skill”

18 February 2015

Commenting on the publication of the House of Lords Select Committee on Digital Skills Report, ‘Make or Break – the UK’s Digital Future,’ which endorsed NIACE’s call for digital skills improvement to create a more inclusive, economically productive society, David Hughes, Chief Executive at NIACE said:

“I was pleased to see the report support the evidence I gave to the Select Committee. I was very clear that digital skills must be seen as the third plank of the basic skills that every citizen needs: literacy and language, numeracy and digital skills. Our Citizens’ Curriculum approach to basic skills includes these fundamental skills using a combination of formal, informal and non-formal learning”

However, NIACE today called for more recognition of the lifelong needs for digital skills rather than a narrow focus on young people in schools, colleges and universities. David Hughes continued:

“We must not forget that it is people who are furthest away from access to learning that can benefit the most from becoming digitally skilled; people with disabilities, unemployed and low-skilled people of all ages, including older people beyond retirement age.”

“There should be a culture in education and in the workplace that leads to a more lifelong approach because no one has the digital skills they’ll need in five years time, let alone in 50 years.”

“We look forward to continuing to support the education and skill sector in making a reality of the NIACE Citizens’ Curriculum approach in practice, which will help develop the digital skills this report recognises are essential to UK social and economic progress.”