New strategic alliance for learning, skills and employment

2 February 2015

NIACE and the Centre for Economic and Social Inclusion are delighted to announce a new strategic alliance today – Monday 2 February.

The new partnership will provide a groundbreaking offer across the learning, skills and employment sectors, with a strong focus on the economic growth and social inclusion agendas of both organisations.

Both organisations seek to promote opportunity for individuals, business success and economic prosperity.  The new strategic alliance will exert a strong influence on learning, skills and employment policy, strive to improve delivery of services that can help people succeed in the labour market, and continue to fight social exclusion across UK society.

Together, NIACE and Inclusion offer substantial expertise in both delivery and research across learning, skills and employment services. Through this alliance, they aim to develop new services to help people succeed in the labour market and which will help policy-makers tackle social exclusion, an agenda at the heart of both organisations’ core values.

The strategic alliance will focus on five key areas:

  1. A united and powerful voice on employment, skills and lifelong learning – promoting social inclusion and economic growth
  2. Integrated, practical research and policy development providing real benefit to people, employers and the local and national economy
  3. A new national events, campaigning and public affairs function, bringing the benefits of better integrated employment and skills provision to citizens, institutions and to decision makers across the political spectrum
  4. Improving how we deliver our services in cost-effective ways
  5. Developing the options for closer working and potentially full merger later in 2015.

David Hughes, NIACE Chief Executive, said:

“I am delighted to announce the strategic alliance with Inclusion, with the full backing of both organisations’ Boards.  NIACE and Inclusion have collaborated successfully in previous years, and we share ethos and values in tackling acute disadvantage and promoting people’s success and prosperity in the learning, skills and employment systems. 

“There is widespread agreement that the fracture between the employment support and skills systems is a pressing challenge for the next parliament.  Building on our 2015 Manifesto, this strategic alliance puts us in a fantastic position to tackle those challenges head on in a new, creative and sustainable partnership for the next five years and beyond.”

Dave Simmonds OBE, Centre for Economic and Social Inclusion Chief Executive, said:

“We are delighted to be forming a new strategic alliance with NIACE. We are convinced that together we can have a greater impact on policy and practice in learning, skills and employment.  We want to create a powerful new voice for those who need high quality learning, support to find work, and have opportunities to progress in their careers.”

“Our strategic alliance will combine our expertise to offer more to our stakeholders.  It will create exciting opportunities to deliver new services, more research and new ideas in the challenging times ahead. Together we will forge a partnership that will be firmly focused on improving skills and employment support for everyone, but especially for those who need it most.”

The Strategic Alliance will take effect from today Monday 2 February 2015.