Focus of Apprenticeships must be on quality

13 January 2015

Responding to the announcement that the Government has pledged to give employers direct control of funding for the training of apprentices, David Hughes, Chief Executive of NIACE, said:

“We applaud the Government’s ambition to make Apprenticeships absolutely focused on the labour market of today. Employers are the key investors and therefore giving them more influence over the design and delivery of Apprenticeships is right. It is complex to get this right though and I am pleased with the caution about how quickly a simple system can be established.

“Most importantly, I want to see more emphasis on how the Apprenticeship programme can offer high quality to everyone. The focus of Apprenticeships should be about each individual apprentice’s whole career rather than just their current role.

“Our Apprentice Charter, which we’re currently developing with employers, providers and apprentices, will balance the interests of the apprentice with the leadership from employers. It will provide the apprentice with a clear understanding of the contribution they must make and provide a commitment from employers that their apprentices are given the best possible experience, providing them with a solid foundation for their entire working lives.”