Government introduces career reviews for over-50s

22 December 2014

Responding to the announcement that the Government is to introduce a series of measures – including career reviews – for unemployed people aged over 50, David Hughes, NIACE Chief Executive, said:

“Our Mid-life Career Review Pilot proved that this straightforward and cost-effective process can play an important role in helping older people stay in and get back into work. With almost twice as many vacancies for every new person entering the labour market over the next ten years, older people will need to fill that gap. And longer working lives mean more paid in tax and less in benefits.  It is critical, therefore that we recognise the talents of older people and the contribution that they can make to our workplaces and communities.   

“We are delighted that our ground-breaking work on Career Reviews has been adopted as policy because it will help people have longer and more fulfilling working lives.”