Evaluation of Day One Support for Young People Trailblazer

3 December 2014

The Day One Support for Young People Trailblazer (DOSfYP) was an ESF-funded pilot scheme launched in November 2012 to provide Londoners aged 18 – 24 with work experience and jobs advice. The aim was to reduce the risk of benefit dependency and increase young people’s chances of long-term employment.

This was a mandatory scheme provided through the Jobcentre for eligible new jobseekers. Referrals were made over an 8 month period and job placements offered were expected to start immediately and last 13 weeks.

The DWP have recently presented their evaluation of the scheme which found that 47 per cent of claimants did not start a placement through the scheme and of those, 46 per cent signed off Jobseeker’s Allowance, with 33 percent receiving a sanction.

56 percent of claimants who started a placement did not complete the full 13 weeks, but of these, 60 per cent were able to move into paid work. A quarter of those who completed the programme moved into paid work, and 80 per cent felt that the programme had improved their chances of finding work. The speed of referrals was found to be an issue by some providers, making it hard to source good quality placements.

The evaluation concludes that ‘While most claimants who completed a placement were positive about the impact of attending a placement, there was concern amongst a small group (17 per cent) that participation in DOSfYP had not increased their chance of finding paid work’.

The evaluation results found that ‘the main reason that placements were not felt to be suitable was because they did not match the type of job claimants were interested in.’ Placements which were tailored to an individual’s needs and aspirations were reported to be most worthwhile.