New Degree Apprenticeships to be launched from September 2015

26 November 2014

The government announced today that it will be part funding a new Degree Apprenticeship qualification scheme alongside industries such as IBM, BT and John Lewis.

Tesconnect reports that: ‘The first of the new qualifications will be available in the digital sector to help provide the skills for a wide range of careers and to help fill the estimated 1 million digital job vacancies over the next decade’.

It was announced that: ‘The government will pay two-thirds of the costs and fees while employers pay trainees’ wages and other costs.’ The academic training will be delivered through UK universities including Manchester Metropolitcan and UCL which commented that it was delighted ‘to help increase the flow of skills into the tech industry’.

The scheme has been welcomed by many industry leaders including Capgemini’s UKchairman Christine Hodgson who told the BBC that the scheme would ‘enable young people to build the academic and practical skills needed for success in the tech sector and help create the talent needed to boost the digital economy’.

Ed Vaizey, Digital economy minister, stated that ‘These new digital qualifications are the latest example of government working in partnership with academia and industry to ensure that education and training routes are providing the skills which employers need now and in the future’.