BIS adopts NIACE Traineeship recommendation

18 November 2014

NIACE’s recommendation that young people aged 19 – 24, who have a full level 2 qualification, should have the same eligibility rights to a Traineeship as those aged 16-18, has been adopted today by BIS.

David Hughes, Chief Executive of NIACE said:

“At a time of concern about the number of young people not in education, employment or training, today’s announcement will mean many of them will be able to get a great start in their career through a Traineeship. Our research has consistently shown that providers were being forced to turn significant numbers of young people – aged 19-24 – away from a Traineeship, because they had previously achieved a full level 2 qualification.

“Many of these young people are entirely suitable for a Traineeship. They are really motivated and are close to being ready to start an Apprenticeship or a job.  But they need short-term and targeted work-focussed support to help them make that transition.

“The impact of this policy change for these young people is hugely significant. It will open up access to a programme that will help them develop the individual skills, confidence and experience they will need to, not only, move into work, but give them the firm foundations for a sustainable, fulfilling and successful career.

“The fact that this will be implemented from 1 January means more young people can benefit at the earliest opportunity.”