SFA clarifies FELTAG 10% recommendation at NIACE conference

13 November 2014

The Further Education Learning Technology Action Group’s (FELTAG) recommendation that ‘10% of learning should be online’ has left many providers feeling confused, but will be clarified by the Skills Funding Agency (SFA) during their seminar at NIACE’s Digital Learning Conference at The Skills Show tomorrow.

There has been enormous interest in the FELTAG report and particularly the recommendation that 10% of learning should be through online delivery. Many providers, however, have expressed their confusion over what counts as ‘online learning’.

David Hughes, NIACE Chief Executive, said:

“The FELTAG ‘10% of learning should be online’ recommendation has generated a lot of interest. One of our recent webinars had over 500 people wanting to understand more about it and a NIACE poll showed that more than 80% of providers were not confident that their organisations understood what the SFA requirements will be for online learning.

“The recent SFA report has helped to clarify things, but there is more to do and our conference will provide opportunities to learn more about what is expected.

“I am pleased that the SFA has taken a broad approach to what will count as ‘online learning’ and recognising that providers need to determine where the adoption of a greater blend of delivery and assessment types can best add value to the learning. The discussions we had at FELTAG were all about encouraging the further education system towards the digital future expected by learners and employers. The 10% recommendation was about a nudge to help focus energy on this and I hope that all providers will be thinking more creatively about how technology can enhace the learning experience.”