Radical new approach needed in the workplace

13 November 2014

NIACE has responded to the British Chamber of Commerce Workforce Survey which has highlighted that 92% of businesses have identified a skills shortage in at least one area of their workforce.

David Hughes, Chief Executive of NIACE, said:

“Yet another survey of employers tells a similar story – there is a critical shortage of skills across the workforce, which is impacting on business success and economic growth. The fact that this is not new tells us that the current approaches to skills are not working. If we keep taking the same approach, or assuming that simply focusing on Apprenticeships or ‘better training’ will solve this, then nothing will change. Our aspirations must be for new approaches and radical solutions.

“Employers clearly need to consider their current workforce, their job roles and job design. We must invest more in the informal learning in the workplace, which plays a crucial role in supporting people to recognise and develop relevant and useful skills for better jobs and for their future career. A partnership approach between Government, employers, providers and workers is essential to tackle this. We must no longer see workers as passive recipients. Their experiences, knowledge and expectations are vital to a radical new approach. It will help them, their workplaces and communities to grow and succeed. Otherwise the future prospects of a vibrant and sustainable economic recovery look bleak.”