Latest FE loan figures signal ‘collapse’ in learning

30 October 2014

The latest further education and skills 24+ Advanced Learning Loans figures show that there have been 43,830, applications since 14 April 2014. This includes 15,330 applications during September 2014.

Responding to these figures, David Hughes, Chief Executive of NIACE, said:

“The real issue here is the collapse in the number of people taking part in learning at Levels 3 and 4. In 2012/13 over 400,000 people aged 24 and over took part in learning at these levels. In comparison, in 2013/14 only 57,000 people paid for learning at this level with a loan. Today’s figures are a clear warning that last year was not a blip. Huge numbers of people are no longer participating in learning that will help them to get on in life and in careers which will help the economy to grow.

“We repeat our call to Government to do something about this urgently. We are keen to support BIS and SFA to consider the actions needed that will overcome this drop in participation. Otherwise the prospects of there being enough highly-skilled people to do the jobs – now and in the future – that employers are desperate to fill, look bleak.”