Making the Mid-life Career Review a reality for all

14 October 2014

New evidence presented by NIACE at a conference in London, showed the vital role Mid-life Career Reviews can play in addressing the enormous challenge to the economy and society due to the ageing population.

The conference heard how Mid-life Career Reviews encourage people to delay and properly prepare for their retirement, which in turn helps:

  • Diffuse the ‘ticking time-bomb’ of skills shortages and skills gaps for employers.
  • People stave off poverty in retirement.
  • Save money from the welfare bill.

A scalable Mid-life Career Review Programme will launch for all Local Enterprise Partnership (LEPs) areas via NIACE in October.

Ros Altmann, the Government’s Business Champion for Older Workers, whose thoughts will be presented at today’s conference, said:

“As our society ages, it’s essential that we re-think retirement, casting old assumptions and prejudices aside and making it a process rather than an event. Mid-life Career Reviews are an excellent way of helping people to have longer and more fulfilling working lives and helping employers to make best use of the skills and experience that our older workers have to offer. I’m very much looking forward to the opportunity to discuss in more detail how we can expand this practice across the country.”

David Hughes, NIACE Chief Executive, said:

“Our society is going through a fundamental change. People are living much longer. One in six of us are over 65 – by 2050 it will be one in four. However, this is something that we must adapt to and embrace. Older people can contribute so much to work and society into later life, if they have the opportunities to plan and prepare properly for later life. This includes helping them to develop their skills and participate in learning which will mean they can stay productive, contribute to their employer’s success, as well as making the final years of people’s working lives dynamic and fulfilling. Our work has shown that the Mid-life Career Review – a simple and relatively cost-effective intervention – provides the information and confidence people need to take more control of their work and their lives.

“This conference will hear more detailed findings from our work and provide vital information for employers, providers and others who have a part to play in retaining older people in the labour market. A recent House of Lords report said that we were ‘woefully underprepared for our rapidly ageing population’. That is no longer an option, we – national and local government, employers, LEPs, providers, charities and individuals – must work together to ensure that as Britain ages it does so in a way that benefits everyone.”

NIACE is calling for all adults to have an entitlement to career reviews, not just in mid-life, but at other points in their lives, including returning to work from maternity leave, long-term sick leave and caring responsibilities.