Nearly 600,000 jobseekers find employment though the Work Programme, reports ESRA

23 September 2014

The Employment Related Services Association, the representative body for the employment support sector, has released its latest Job Start statistics for the Work Programme to complement the latest labour market statistics. These show that 595,000 long term unemployed jobseekers have now gained employment through the programme, an increase of 44,000 on three months ago.

The ERSA Job Start statistics provide the most up to date snapshot of Work Programme performance available in the public domain. They are designed to be read alongside officialDWP figures which show the number of jobseekers who have achieved sustained employment, usually meaning they have spent at least six months in a job.

Key findings from ERSA statistics include:

595,000 individual jobseekers have now entered employment via the Work Programme from its inception in June 2011 to end June 2014, with most expected to stay in employment.
Over 151,000 young people have now found at least one job on the Work Programme, up from 143,000 three months before, thus contributing to the biggest fall in youth unemployment in 25 years.
Overall, 28,058 jobseekers on Employment and Support Allowance have now gained work. Many of these jobseekers will never have received meaningful employment support before and have required intensive support to enter the labour market.

The Work Programme is also creating major savings to the UK economy. A recent report by Europe Economics published on 2 September 2014 found that the Work Programme is likely to bring in the region of £18bn of value to the economy, divided between workers, employers and the government.