Iain Duncan Smith insists Universal Credit sign-off due ‘very shortly

9 September 2014

Iain Duncan Smith has insisted that HM Treasury is due to sign off the full business case for Universal Credit ‘very shortly’ despite it being five months since it was submitted.

In a debate in the House of Commons yesterday, the work and pensions minister explained: “The final stage in Treasury approvals is sign-off of the full business case, which covers the full lifetime of the programme.” adding “I genuinely believe, from my discussions, that it will be signed off very shortly.”

Opposition MPs unsurprisingly disagreed with the claim.

Labour MP Nicholas Brown said: “The answer to a similar question two months ago was “very shortly”, but it is taking rather longer than the secretary of state intended.”

Chris Bryant MP said that the programme “is being kept on a life-support system, and all he [Duncan Smith] can say is that the Treasury has guaranteed another 247 days of funding, with nothing beyond the end of this parliament.”