Lib-Dems Pre-Manifesto Echoes NIACE Proposals

8 September 2014

The Liberal Democrats Pre-Manifesto includes vital policies which will help to support a skills-led recovery, including many that feature in the NIACE Manifesto ‘Skills for Prosperity’.

David Hughes, Chief Executive of NIACE, said:

“There is a growing consensus that the way learning and skills is currently managed, funded and regulated will not deliver the successful and inclusive society which most people want. This Pre-Manifesto echoes many of the actions we asked for in our own Manifesto in June and sets out some ambitious proposals and aspirations for the UK. 

“I am particularly pleased that the Liberal Democrats have made an over-arching commitment to support lifelong learning for all as a vital response to our globalised world in which technological innovation means that no-one should expect to study just ‘once in their adult life’.  

“It is also pleasing to see the inclusion of NIACE’s proposal to introduce lifelong learning accounts and support for our Manifesto call to establish a cross-party commission to secure a long-term settlement for the public funding of re-skilling and lifelong learning.

“Their clear ambition that parents need to be supported ‘right from the start’ with their children’s learning builds firmly on our family learning proposals and there is a good appreciation of the need, we set out in June, to promote flexibility of learning options.

“On the day that the BIS Select Committee published its report of the inquiry into literacy and numeracy, it is fitting that the Liberal Democrats have made clear their commitment to the basic skills agenda with an ambition to ‘eradicate illiteracy and innumeracy’.

“The Liberal Democrats have firmly endorsed much in our Manifesto by putting lifelong learning firmly on the political agenda in the run up to next year’s General election. We eagerly await similar commitments by the other main political parties.”