Identifying how PSD provision helps people find and sustain work

27 August 2014

A new NIACE project running from August 2014 to March 2015 will identify how personal and social development (PSD) provision supports learners furthest from the labour market to find and sustain employment.

Rob Gray, Head of pre-employment skills at NIACE, said:

“Employers and educators increasingly stress the importance of attributes such as versatility and self-efficacy and transferable skills such as team working and problem-solving. These attributes and skills can be developed through PSD provision and although there is lots of anecdotal evidence demonstrating the value of this type of provision within employment programmes, we do not know which specific elements of it have the greatest impact on helping individuals find and sustain work.

“As well as leading to improved PSD provision, this project will raise awareness of the positive impact of PSD amongst providers, employers, and learners. We hope it results in greater, more focussed and more successful use of PSD with disadvantaged learners seeking to move towards employment.”

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