The links between poverty and ethnicity: a report from the Joseph Rowntree Foundation

25 August 2014

A recent report by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation has explored the links between poverty and ethnicity, offering suggestions as to how poverty may be tackled across all ethnicities.

Poverty and ethnicity are strongly related, with poverty higher among all ethnic minority groups than among white British people in the UK, but the links are complex and not well understood. Poverty varies according to many factors, including age, gender, disability and geography.

The report draws together the key points in understanding the impact of ethnicity on poverty, finding that:

Racism and discrimination are major factors limiting opportunities for people from ethnic groups;

Local and national government, and service providers involved in employment, education and care must effectively monitor outcomes according to ethnicity; and

‘Low wage traps’ affect ethic minority workers particularly badly.

The research draws to a close the JRF initial phase of research into ethnicity and poverty.

Helen Barnard, the author, has written an accompanying blog post, urging policy makers, practitioners and communities to understand the key links between poverty and ethnicity.

Click here for the full report, and further information via the JRF website.