Welfare reform must continue, Iain Duncan Smith says

18 August 2014

In a speech delivered in London, Iain Duncan Smith restated his determination to transform Britain’s welfare system.

He said that changes so far had played a key role in getting people back into work and ending a welfare dependency culture, insisting that the government is “delivering” after Labour left “whole sections of society on the sidelines”.

But Rachel Reeves, Labour’s shadow work and pensions secretary, said: “David Cameron’s government has failed to control social security spending and is set to overspend on welfare by a staggering £13bn.

“Under Iain Duncan Smith, housing benefit spending is rising, not falling…the number of working people claiming housing benefit is set to double between 201018 costing every British household £488.

The speech was made shortly before the DWP and Ian Duncan Smith were accused of hiding Universal Credit failings.

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