Record fall in youth unemployment

18 August 2014

Youth unemployment has seen the largest annual fall since records began 30 years ago – alongside the steepest annual fall in unemployment in a quarter of a century, figures published by the Office for National Statistics show.

Youth unemployment has fallen by 206,000 over the past year, which is the largest drop since records began in 1984, bringing it to the lowest level for nearly 6 years. The youth unemployment rate is down 4.5 percentage points compared to a year ago.

Unemployment fell by 437,000 over the past year – and 132,000 in only the past 3 months – which is the biggest annual fall in 25 years.

Schemes such as the government’s Work Programme have also contributed to the biggest fall in long-term unemployment since 1998 – down by 171,000 on the year.

The figures published today also include employment by nationality.

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