New Jobcentre plus model proposed by thinktank Policy Exchange

21 July 2014

Policy Exchange has released a report outlining suggested changes to Jobcentre plus delivery model. They suggest separating off the employment arm of Jobcentre Plus which would compete with private providers, leaving a newly branded ‘Citizen Support’ as a one-point access for benefit services, to avoid duplication and inefficiency.

Policy exchange propose three key areas of reform:

The employment services part should be mutualised and be allowed to compete with the private and voluntary sectors as well as other public bodies to provide specialist support for people looking to find work.
The remaining part of Jobcentre Plus should be expanded and rebranded as Citizen Support. It would effectively act as the primary and central hub for accessing government services, enabling advisors to identify an individual’s specific barriers to work and suggest providers that could help meet that person’s needs. The advisor would also show the success rate of each provider using comparison data to help the jobseeker make a more informed decision about which providers are most appropriate to help them.
Instead of the budget being allocated directly from central government to different providers as is currently the case, the money would be allocated to the individual claimant and then be funnelled to the provider of choice who is paid on the outcomes they achieve.