Government risks ‘systematic violation’ of international human rights law in treatment of disabled, says report

18 July 2014

JustFair, a consortium of 80 national charities, has released a powerful report saying that the UK government is risking ‘systematic violation’ of international human rights law in how it is treating disabled people. The report outlines how austerity measures and various welfare reforms undermine the rights of disabled people to independent living, work and social security.

The report points to changes in housing benefit, including the ‘bedroom tax’ and the introduction of PIP as threats to support for disabled people. The report points to a clear threat to independent living as a result of changes and increasing pressures on LA budgets.

Aoife Nolan, professor of International Human Rights Law at the University of Nottingham and a trustee of Just Fair said in the Guardian.

“Not only do these policies cause significant hardship and anxiety, but they also amount to impermissible backward steps in relation to disabled people’s human rights, contrary to theUN human rights framework.”