CBI/Pearson survey highlights skills crisis

4 July 2014

The education and skills survey published by the CBI and Pearson supports many of the priority areas for action detailed in the NIACE manifesto – Skills for Prosperity: Building Sustainable Recovery for All.

David Hughes, NIACE Chief Executive, said:

“This survey is right to highlight the current crisis in UK skills as higher level skills demands are not being met, putting the long-term prospects of the UK economy at risk. Of course, we need to ensure that young people leave school equipped for the world of work and this needs more Apprenticeship opportunities. But, as well as Apprenticeships we must see a much stronger push on training for those currently in work.

“This is exactly what we are saying in our manifesto – skills shortages and skills gaps are the biggest barrier to the future well-being of our economy, and society. This country needs a skills-led recovery to ensure sustainable growth and prosperity. But our current system will not deliver that. It is encouraging to see, in this survey, nearly half of employers (44%) train their staff in literacy, numeracy and IT and that there are more firms planning to increase their investment in training and development during the coming year than those who plan to cut back. But more than half do not and because of longer working lives it is critical that more employers make that crucial investment in training their staff. Workers of all ages, not just young people, need good quality careers advice and flexible learning opportunities to ensure that they will not only stay in work longer but be more productive and fulfilled in their jobs.”