Report shows lower skilled workers face increasing difficulties to find a job

22 June 2014

The European Commission has published the European Vacancy and Recruitment Report 2014, which found that low-skilled workers encounter increasing difficulties to find a job, face lower job stability and are out-competed by medium-skilled workers even in occupations with lower skills requirements. In contrast, job opportunities are growing in some high-skilled professions.

The report, which analyses the diverging nature of employment in EU Member States during the recession, also highlights the increase in temporary and part-time work during the crisis and underlines the need to better support school-to-work transitions, to decrease segmentation of the labour markets and to up-skill jobseekers, particularly the low qualified.

The findings of the report, including that temporary and non-standard contracts rose between 2008 and 2012 and that occupations with higher level skills largely dominate the fastest growing professions, highlight the need for Member States to implement policy initiatives designed to better support jobseekers, such as the Youth Guarantee.