Lib Dem proposal good news for family learning

13 June 2014

NIACE is encouraged by the proposal from the Liberal Democrats that the Pupil Premium will be ‘given to schools without strings attached because teachers know better than politicians how best to spend that money.’

One of the key recommendations of NIACE’s Inquiry into Family Learning called for the Pupil Premium to be used to support family learning provision in schools.

Carol Taylor, Deputy Chief Executive of NIACE, said:

“We are delighted to see this proposal from the Liberal Democrats, which if implemented, will reassure those headteachers who want to use the Pupil Premium, and other funding, to develop the skills of both children and adults through family learning programmes.

“One of the main challenges in helping to raise children’s attainment in school is that many parents lack confidence in their own skills. Parents and carers who do have the confidence to create a learning culture in the home and can support their children with schoolwork, see them thrive and reach their potential. And because family learning is such a powerful way of improving skills for both children and adults, it is essential that there are more opportunities available in every school.”