One in five vacancies in Wales is proving difficult to fill due to skills shortage

3 June 2014

The UK Commission for Employment and Skills has published the findings of the Employer Skills Survey 2013 in Wales. The survey, which included measures of skills shortages and internal skills mismatches, such as skills gaps and training, found that one in five vacancies is proving difficult to fill due to a skills shortage.

Despite the volume of vacancies rising by 14 per cent to 25,700, 20 per cent of those vacancies have been classified as Skills Shortage Vacancies (SSVs); and this skills gap represents one in seven or 67,000 workers. The intensity of this skills shortage is being felt more widely in some sectors, occupations and local areas. For example, there were 23 per cent SSVs in the South East of the country compared to 14 per cent in the North, and 44 per cent of SSVs were in skilled trades.

In addition, half of employers reported a skills under-use and 72 per cent of employers predicted that their skills requirements would change over the next 12 months.