Spark imaginations with the Festival of Learning

2 June 2014

In the lead up to Adult Learners’ Week (14 – 20 June) NIACE is invited providers to get involved in this year’s Festival of Learning (May – June), to inspire people to have a go at learning and celebrate its many benefits.

Throughout the festival – which is supported by a host of national organisations and initiatives including CIPR, the National Portrait Gallery, Universities Week, VQ Day, Learning at Work Week, The Skills Show, Museums at Night and Inspired by – organisations across the country have and still are offering thousands of opportunities for adults and families to learn something new and give them the chance to discover how learning can transform their lives.

Tom Stannard, NIACE Director of Communications and Public Affairs, said:

“The Festival of Learning, culminating in Adult Learners’ Week, offers opportunities for people of all ages to discover how exciting learning can be, far removed from their memories of school. Recent NIACE research has shown that when people have the opportunity to learn in their own communities, it helps them make positive changes for themselves and their families, and to take control of their lives. Taking learning to where people are can be very powerful, especially for those who are the least engaged in learning. Enabling people to learn what and where they want can be transformative and gives people the confidence to do even more.

“So whether you want to get involved in the Festival of Learning by hosting an event, open day, taster session or series of activities, let us know and we can help you with promoting these opportunities.”

Karen Woods – “I never thought I would say this, but learning has changed my life…education has sent me on the right path to achieve my dreams.”

Mark Ashworth – “Returning to learning has not only had a profound impact on my life, but it has made my family much happier. I feel so much more confident and when I look in the mirror I’m proud of myself.”

Joanne Cook – “Every day is a learning day – once you identify the right learning path, the world is your oyster.”

Glenn Fullerton – “I used to dread waking up in the morning, my life was wasted. Now I wake up and it’s brilliant. I think ‘what can I do today to pay back and really make a difference?’”

Providers taking part in the Festival of Learning can:

Register your interest in the Festival of Learning or contact for more information.