NIACE and Army commit to continued collaboration until 2017

2 June 2014

NIACE will continue working with the Army for another three years on its Adult Learning Support Programme, after winning its recent contract tender. The fresh round of work will involve advising on, and assisting with, the development of the Army’s skills policy and its implementation across the Service.

The work will include evaluating the Army’s literacy and numeracy policy and delivery practice; helping to establish its ICT skills policy and provision arrangements; and conducting a comprehensive evaluation of the Army’s extensive Apprenticeship Programme. This partnership with the Army was first established in 2000 with the Basic Skills Agency, which merged with NIACE in 2007.

The Army is committed to the professional and personal development of all its Service personnel and maximising their potential for the benefit of the individual and the organisation. Assisting the Army to take full and early advantage of developing national skills policy and emerging best practice is a principal focus of the future contract. At the same time, working with the Army with its long tradition of effective workforce development also informs NIACE’s wider work on this important agenda with other employers.

Brigadier Gary Morris, Army’s Director of Educational Capability, said:

“The Army is looking forward to working closely with NIACE over the next three years to help us refine further and deliver our extensive skills development programme for our soldiers. The day-to-day, specialist support from the two NIACE programme managers working with our organisation is valuable – as is access, through them, to NIACE’s own adult learning policy, practice and research teams. It’s important that the Army, like any large employer, must keep abreast of national skills policy development and best practice; and assess their implications for our workforce and our business. In this respect, NIACE is giving us another important string to our bow.”

Carol Taylor, NIACE Deputy Chief Executive for Development and Research, said:

“The Army’s investment in skills training for their workforce is a great example for other employers to follow. As improvements and innovations in technology happen faster than ever, it is essential that there is the right level of support for everyone to improve their skills at work. We are delighted that the Army has chosen to renew its partnership arrangement with NIACE and we look forward to many more years close collaboration of working together. We want all soldiers to have the skills they need to perform their role effectively, to progress in their careers and to be able to thrive in life once they leave the Army.”