Jobs Growth Wales: Youth scheme hits target year early

2 June 2014

The number of temporary jobs available to young people through the flagship Jobs Growth Wales scheme is higher than expected after a target was reached a year early.

Jobs Growth Wales has created more than 13,000 opportunities for 16 to 24-year-olds since it was launched in 2012, and Ministers say that 82 per cent taken on by private firms move into apprenticeships, more learning or jobs.

The scheme, which covers the cost of a minimum wage salary and the employer’s National Insurance contribution, aimed to create 4,000 temporary job opportunities a year. However, latest figures show this target has already been beaten as just under 10,000 of those 13,000 jobs have been filled, (the gap is because the recruitment process is still ongoing).

Ministers added that the programme was “clearly reaping huge rewards” and announced that £12.5m will be spent in offering 4,000 more temporary jobs from 2015. But the Conservatives said more needed to be done for job creation and entrepreneurship on a wider scale.