NIACE maths app awarded ‘App of the Year’

20 May 2014

NIACE’s app to help adults solve everyday maths problems and improve their skills – Maths Everywhere – has won ‘App of the Year’ in the Prolific North Awards, fending off competition from other national nominees including The Guardian, Aldi UK, and Imperial Leather.

Maths Everywhere was developed as part of the partnership initiative Maths4Us, which included a competition encouraging learning providers and app developers to work together to develop a brand new maths app helping adults realise how relevant and important maths is to everyone, everyday and everywhere. Funded by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, Maths Everywhere won a public vote and was designed and developed by Bolton College and Modern-English, in partnership with NIACE.

Maths Everywhere has proved extremely popular with tutors and learners alike.

Pat Harrison, Director of 14-19 and Foundation Learning at Bolton College, said:

“It is fantastic to hear that our app has won this award! It is a priority at Bolton College that we embed maths and English into all of our sessions so that our learners experience the best possible teaching and learning. Our Maths Everywhere app is a great tool for our tutors and learners to use and is helping to point out the relevance of maths in our everyday lives.”

Vinod Patel, aged 45, said:

“Maths Everywhere helps me to complete my homework. Once I leave college, I don’t have a teacher to ask questions to so I go on the maths app to recap on the work covered in class.”

Sherryann Martin, aged 19, said:

“The app has helped me to revise for my exams. The videos explain clearly how to solve problems and are very easy to understand.”

Darwin Colgan, aged 18, said:

“Maths Everywhere has helped me to progress from Entry 3 to Level 1. The videos explain how to use maths in your everyday life and this link has really helped me to understand the importance of maths.”

Matthew Hancock, Minister of State for Skills and Enterprise, said:

“It’s great to see Maths Everywhere be recognised in this way. I’ve used this app myself with my children and it’s a valuable tool. It supports learners to improve their maths skills and make them more confident at work, college, in their apprenticeship or in their day to day life. Improved maths skills can make an individual more employable, which in turn benefits the economy and encourages growth.”

NIACE recently published the code and content of Maths Everywhere – under a Creative Commons non-commercial license – via the Maths Everywhre Group on the Maths in Practice network. This will allow educationalists the freedom to modify and use the materials, personalising the app for users or re-developing it to meet the needs of diverse target groups in various learning contexts. The code is available for anyone to download on the condition that any further developments are shared with the group.

Tom Stannard, NIACE Deputy Chief Executive, Communications and Public Affairs, said:

“It is a real pleasure to see Maths Everywhere win this award and gain the recognition it deserves as part of NIACE’s ongoing work supporting basic skills for adults. With almost half of all adults struggling with some aspects of everyday maths, developing the Maths Everywhere app has been vital in finding ways to help people improve their skills and encourage them to become more confident with maths.

“By releasing Maths Everywhere under a creative commons license earlier this year, NIACE hopes to extend the reach and impact of the app to all sectors of education and to even more learners. Adults need the opportunity to learn at times and in places that are right for them and we know that being accessible through smart phones and tablets, Maths Everywhere will be right at their fingertips. Once people improve their maths skills, this will have a positive impact on their families, friends and in the long term will help support growth across the economy.”